Becamex Tokyu Co., Ltd. was established in March 2012 as a joint venture between Tokyu Corporation and Becamex IDC Corporation. By using the know-how acquired through the urban development of “Tokyu Tama Den-en Toshi” in Japan , with the knowledge and experience of Tokyu Corporation and the strong support of Becamex IDC Corporation.
Becamex Tokyu as the first Japanese company to export urban development technology to Viet Nam. We are building a worth city for living with executed projects such as:
SORA gardens I was completed in March 2015, consisting of two 24-storey buildings, for housing and commercial purposes with 406 apartments. SORA gardens I has attracted many customers interest and now sold out.
Including Apartment, Terrace house, Garden house with a 3 ha Park and variety of 4 season flowers. Interwoven is a green canal with a clean water system that brings fresh and pleasant atmosphere to residents.
As the first commercial project was built by Becamex Tokyu, including convenience store, food court with diverse dishes of many different countries such as Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand…
Becamex Tokyu Bus Company operates bus connection between Binh Duong new city and neighboring areas such as Thu Dau Mot and Ben Cat. Buses run on time according to regulations with the attitude of courteous drivers. It is always clean in the bus, especially ensure safety for passengers.
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Mitsubishi Estate Group is a leading company in urban development which engages in a variety of real estate businesses, such as office building businesses in Marunouchi (CBD of Tokyo) as well as residential and commercial facility businesses. Its core competence comes from its experience in Marunouchi which has a history of more than 100 years.
Mitsubishi Estate Group has also expanded its business in the international scene, establishing “Mitsubishi Estate New York” in 1972, and continued to expand developments across the United States and central London (City and Westend) in the 1990s. It also entered the growing Asian market and has expanded developments from the late 2000s.
Apart from its proud track-record in the field of office and commercial asset developments, Mitsubishi Estate Group includes Mitsubishi Estate Residence, a professional corporation that works in a diverse range of residential businesses, with condominium development at its core.
With its core brand “The Parkhouse”, Mitsubishi Estate Residence offers “residence for a lifetime” to its customers, providing condominiums which will be loved for life and that can be lived in for many generations.
To date, Mitsubishi Estate Residence has supplied over 190,000 units in Japan since its first condominium “Akasaka Park House” built back in 1969 and continues to provide consistent number of units in the market on an annual basis.
Leveraging its know-hows in Japan, Mitsubishi Estate Residence ventured into the international market and succeeded to jointly partner with notable partners, building a strong and firm relationship with each and one of them.

Mitsubishi Estate Residence will continue to pursue its expansion in the international market and strive to increase its presence in the market to realize Mitsubishi Estate Group’s basic philosophy of “social contribution through urban development”.

※ Two Japanese urban developers have established the joint venture BTMJR to develop SORA gardens II – a high-end project in Binh Duong New City.